North Idaho This Week!

What better way to start a Monday morning than with fishing with the ones you love? We are at our friend JD Dickinson’s cabin on Twin Lakes near Rathdrum, Idaho.  (There is a shark in the water above my shoulder) My son Wyatt spent the night with us here last night after we went school shopping with him and his sister Cody, who takes off for college next Wednesday!

Speaking of JD, he is the one who booked me at MoonDollars at the Twin Lakes Village Golf Course these last few weeks. There are 2 more Tuesday shows to go, on the 7th and 14th, and Coley will be joining me onstage for both.

Our window of time is closing here in North Idaho! This summer has gone by fast! We are heading back South on August 16th, but before that we have MoonDollars twice, Athol Daze on the 10th and 11th, and a very special concert on the 12th at the cabin at the place where we usually stay here North of Sandpoint.

And speaking of Athol Daze, (yes it’s a real thing) we have created 2 new t-shirts for this event! AND we will have these at shows after this event (provided they don’t sell out!) Click the pic to order online and reserve yours NOW!

Here’s another important thing!

If you like our music, then please please please nominate us ! Just click the pic for more info.


After we leave North Idaho we head South for McCall and Boise. Then it’s on to Salt Lake City, and then Creede, CO before we head up to the Island Fever Showcase in Clear Lake Iowa at the legendary Surf Ballroom on Labor Day weekend. Then, it’s back to Texas.

Who wants to go to Isla Mujeres with me in October???

Click the pic for a ticket. More information about lodging, etc when you click the pic:

And finally, some great news! Although Coley has decided to not do as many shows on the road to focus on her business, she WILL be joining me for MEETING OF THE MINDS!

Here’s our schedule (so far):

Monday, October 29 at Pit Stop Party Too at Boondocks, MM 27

Tuesday, Oct 30 Smokin’ Tuna 1-5pm

Wed: Click the pic for tix! Starts about 4:45

Thursday, Nov 1: Casa Marina MAIN STAGE with our band!!! 3:30 PM

Fools on Stools at San Carlos Institute with Donny Brewer, Brent Burns, Stoney Gabel at 7:30

Friday, Nov 2: Kelly McGuire’s Light House Court show, 2pm

Saturday: Smokin’ Tuna 1-5

And finally finally, a lot of folks have been asking me about the smart coffee. Or magic coffee. Or happy coffee. All I can say is this stuff is amazing, it helps with mental focus and clarity, gives you energy and helps you lose weight. What’s not to love?  If you are interested in trying it, please contact me at 








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