Thom Gets a Tat!

Howdy gang –

Back in North Idaho where it’s 61 degrees and rainy today. Been a very busy couple of weeks, what with a seven day trip to Key West and then 4 shows in Denver, Colorado. We had a phenomenal time with all our friends at the Sports Column for the pre-Buffett/Eagles show, and we did a great house concert for, which is a new platform for people who want to host house concerts. Then we capped it off Staurday with an appearance at the Kenny Chesney Tailgate Party.

Well, I did it. I got my first tattoo while I was in Key West. The logo is from a group I am very proud to be a member of  called the Tejas Vaqueros


This week, I’m off to Dallas to help produce a song on my buddy Zach Nytomt’s record called “New York To Montana” and then Coley and I will be meeting up in Eagle, ID near Boise for a benefit show Saturday the 7th. Details are in the schedule:

Who wants to go to Isla Mujeres with me this October???

It will be a fun trip with 4 days of shows, pub crawls, hanging out on the beach and at the pool, and cruising around the island, along with some songwriting clinics.

Isla Mujeres is just off the coast of Cancun, you fly into there and take a ferry across to the island.

Our host condos are at Nautibeach on the North end of the island. Rooms are $180 per night for a 2 bedroom. The fee for all the shows and songwriter clinics are just $75 per person for the whole week. Prices go up to $100 starting July 5!

I am hosting a Halloween Costume Sunset Cruise at Meeting of the Minds this year! Dress up like a redneck, or come as you are! All the booze you can drink and one free sunset included for just $49.95!

Our new thumb drives that include 3 albums: Saltwater Cowboy, I’m With U and Coley’s EP One of These Days is now available! It also includes our song Forever Home and Same Beer, Different Can. We just got these in and you can plug them into your computer or car USB port. Click the pic below for details.



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