Craig Morgan “Redneck Yacht Club”
David Ball “Riding With Private Malone” #1 
James King “Riding With Private Malone” – Grammy Nominee

Josh Abbott & Pat Green “My Texas” #1 Texas Music Chart

Kyle Park “The Night Is Young” #1 Texas Music Chart

Kyle Park “What Goes Around Comes Around” #10 SINGLE

Kevin Fowler “Beer Season” 3 week #1 Texas Music Chart
Kevin Fowler “Cheaper To Keep Her” #3 Texas Music Chart
Thom Shepherd “Simplify” #8 Texas Music Chart
Bucky Covington “A Father’s Love (The Only Way He Knew How)” #23 Billboard
High Valley “A Father’s Love (The Only Way He Knew How)”
#12 in Canada,
GMA Canada Song and Video of the Year 2011
Tracy Lawrence “The Rock” – Title cut – Grammy Nominee
Buddy Jewell “O’Reilly Luck” GOLD ALBUM
Colt Ford with Kevin Fowler “Hip Hop In A Honkytonk” –
#5 Billboard Rap & Hip Hop Album Chart
Colt Ford “She Likes To Ride In Trucks” SINGLE
Crossin Dixon “Goodbye To Henry” SINGLE
Ray Johnston Band “Me, You & Emmy Lou” SINGLE
Fred Andrews & Honeybrowne “Let The Music Play” SINGLE
Fred Andrews & Honeybrowne “Right Right Now” SINGLE
Jason McCoy “(I’d Still Have) Everything” –
title track of album and video
Hoyt Hughes “Ain’t My Day To Save The World” SINGLE
Stephen Cochran “Wal-Mart Flowers” SINGLE

Thom Shepherd “Little Miss Everything” SINGLE
Thom Shepherd “Always Saturday Night” SINGLE 
Thom Shepherd “Beer Pong Anthem” SINGLE
Thom Shepherd ”Band-Aid On A Bullet Wound” SINGLE
Thom Shepherd “App For That” SINGLE

Pam Tillis & Lorrie Morgan “I Am A Woman”
Kyle Park “Tagged”
Jason McCoy “Rather Be Happy Than Right”

DeWayne Spaw “Goodbye To Henry”

Paul Roush “Ghosts of New Orleans”

Southern Drawl Band “Ghosts Of New Orleans”
Southern Drawl Band “More Time Drinking Beer”
Southern Drawl Band “I Wasn’t Gonna Drink Today”

Mark Mulligan “Same Beer, Different Can”

Mark Mulligan “Simplify”
John Slaughter “A Fool Like Me”
Fred Andrews & Honeybrowne “That’s What I Think”
Bill Anderson & John Anderson “Rhinestone Grindstone”
Easton Corbin “I Think Of You”
Gabe Garcia “Cowboys & Soldiers”
The Rankin Twins “Hit And Run”
Charla Corn “Stand A Chance”
Montgomery Gentry “Man’s Job”
Perfect Stranger “Hip Hop In A Honkytonk”

Kevin Fowler “Fake I.D.”
Kevin Fowler & George Jones “Me And The Boys”
Kevin Fowler “A Matter Of When”
Craig Morgan “Not Alone”
Trailer Choir “Wal-Mart Flowers”
Trailer Choir “In My Next 5 Beers”
Tyler Dickerson “Cowboys & Soldiers”
American Idol “Bad Luck”

Scott Collier “My Kind of Beautiful”
Nik Wylie “Ain’t My Day To Save The World”
HGTV’s Eric Stromer “The Only Way He Knew How”
George Canyon “Letting Go”
Ronnie Bowman “The Mountain”
Troops To Teachers Documentary “Troops To Teachers – Proud To Serve Again”
Armed Forces Entertainment website – “Thanks To You”

Nathan Carter “Riding With Private Malone”
God Bless The USA “Riding With Private Malone”
Patriotic Country “Riding With Private Malone”
Cledus T. Judd “Riding With Inmate Jerome”
Todd Fritsch “The Rock”
Jamie Richards “She Hates This Place”
Buddy Jewell “The Wheels Turn Slow”
Buddy Jewell “Hillbilly Water”
Totally Country 5 “Redneck Yacht Club”
Polka Country Musicians “Redneck Yacht Club”
Pickin’ On Buddy Jewell “O’Reilly Luck”
Lindsay Mendez “Good For Nothing”
Jimmy Dale “Bad Luck”
Jimmy Dale “The Rock”
Luke Robinson “Bad Luck”
Luke Robinson “Tequila Sheila”
Luke Robinson “Last Letter Home”
Luke Robinson “Mature Adults”
Derek Sholl “Thinking ‘Bout You”
Travis Rush “All Night To Get There”
Big Al Carson “One Really Good Sad Song”
Big Al Carson “World Without You”
Brynn Marie “Sometimes A Fiddle”
Waylon Thibodeaux “Sometimes A Fiddle”
Waylon Thibodeaux “Riding On The Roses”
Waylon Thibodeaux “Stompin’ Grounds”
Waylon Thibodeaux “Little Miss Everything”
Brad Davis “Big Timber”
Carissa Amberly “Good for Nothing”
Off ‘n Running “Blue Ridge”
Songs Women Want To Hear “I’ve Slept Alone Before”
Astrograss “Riding With Private Malone”
Amber Thompson “A Rainbow Lets Me Know”
Trini Triggs “Getaway Car”
Gregg Walker “Getaway Car”
Skip Towne “Could Be Worse”
The Well Hungarians “Getaway Car”
Jeff Treece Band “Little Hope Baptist Church”
16 Great Kids Classics “A Rainbow Lets Me Know”
Josh Owen “The Rock”
Brian Black “Still Gotta Go To Work”
“Terri’s Back In Town”
“Could Be Worse”
“Thinkin’ Bout You”
Dan Austin “What The Poor People’s Doing”
Lloyd Knight “It’s All In Your Hands”
Walker Williams “Tequila Sheila”
Rickey Lee Watson “Still Gotta Go To Work”
Rickey Lee Watson “You’re The Reason”